cyber crime

It was recently reported in The Times that employers have begun to engage in body-worn tracker devices for their employees.

The purpose of these devices is to monitor the employee’s behaviour both in and out of the workplace.  This leads to security concerns not only for the employee’s personal wellbeing and security but also the potential risk of cyber security threats to the employer/company themselves.

The tracking device is intended to be worn as a badge around the individual’s neck which will include a microphone for voice analysis as well as a movement tracker to check the physical activity of the individual.

From an employment law perspective, employees should be careful as to how any such tracking device is implemented. It is a wonder what protections, if any, the employer/company has taken to safeguard the data gathered from these devices.  It has been reported in The Telegraph that cyber-attacks are now the most common offences in the country, “more than five and a half million cyber offences are now thought to take place each year”.

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Article by Narinder Hothi, Solicitor. Griffin Law