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Insurance Claims & Disputes

Insurance is a fact of life. All of us take out a myriad of insurance policies ranging from health insurance to pet insurance, car insurance to contents insurance, buildings insurance to life insurance. The majority of the time, insurers do what they promise to do. They meet customers’ claims and those customers receive everything they expected to receive.

Increasingly, however, certain unscrupulous insurers will try to weasel out of paying their customers’ claims. Despite stringent laws and regulations, coupled with the notion that an insurance contract is supposed to be a contract of the utmost good faith, some insurers will attempt to refuse to pay out – thus causing misery and suffering to customers who had purchased and relied on insurance in good faith.

Griffin Law is experienced in dealing with insurance disputes and in handling claims under insurance policies. Insurers who fail to adhere to the terms of their policies are in breach of contract – and the damages claims that an unhappy customer will bring can often be substantial.

As with all disputes, Griffin Law is (depending on the likelihood of success) prepared to consider acting for clients under the benefit of pre-existing legal expenses insurance, a contingency fee agreement, a conditional fee agreement or on a discounted hourly rate basis.

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