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Property and Land disputes

We deal with all elements of Property and Land disputes, which include:

  • Development and planning issues
  • Construction, contractor and sub-contractor disputes
  • Failed or disputed joint venture projects
  • Agreements relating to developments
  • Boundary issues
  • Disputes involving rights or restrictions (such as easements and covenants)
  • Contractual agreements regarding land

The areas above give a basic outline of how some of these disputes can arise, but these matters can be complex so should you experience an issue involving land or property, please contact our team to discuss your matter.

Commercial Land & Property Disputes

Often some of the most fiercely fought and entrenched positions come from disputes involving property, land, rights of access and planning.

Landlords want to receive as high a return as possible on their investment properties – often by doing as little as possible to maintain a property and waiting for a periodic rent review to occur.

Tenants will want a landlord to leave them in peace while simultaneously expecting landlords to ensure that rented commercial premises reflect well on their own business’ brand.

Whether commercial or residential property, land and property are often the most valuable assets a person or company can own and so its protection is paramount.

Why Choose Griffin Law?

Griffin Law is experienced in acting for both landlords and tenants and therefore knows the strategies and tactics to pursue in any dispute, ideally securing as mutually advantageous a result as possible so that a business relationship can be maintained once the dispute is resolved.

We approach each case with a view to ascertaining our client’s ideal outcome and build a strategy to achieve this in the most time and cost effective manner; often the desired result and commercial objectives of different parties, even in similar positions, can vary greatly.

We are the lawyers you want on your side. Please contact or use the form on our Contact page to get in touch.


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