Fixed Fees & Costs Transparency

As part of our commitment to costs transparency, we can agree to fix fees for different stages of litigation. This provides our clients and their funders with a greater degree of certainty and accords with the direction that is being signalled by the courts with regard to costs budgeting. It also highlights the commercial and reasonable approach that we willingly adopt in working in partnership with our clients, rather than adopting the “take it or leave it” approach that too many lawyers continue to favour.

Our Fees

Initial Risk Analysis

As part of our rigorous risk analysis, we undertake a coherent and all-encompassing 360-degree examination of as many potential heads of claim (and the strengths and weaknesses of your case) as is possible and present you with a bespoke Dispute Strategy Memorandum.

You can learn about our Terms of Engagement here, meet our team here and read our clients’ testimonials here.

Discounted Hourly Rate Conditional Fee Agreement

If your case is suitable we will then work with you under a discounted hourly rate conditional fee agreement, sharing the risk of litigation with you. Our standard hourly rates are discounted as a case progresses. If a claim fails then that is all that that client must pay us. On success we become entitled to be paid our standard hourly rates together with a success fee, although some of those costs may be recoverable from any unsuccessful opponents.

In this way we have “skin in the game” and an added incentive to win. Additional disbursements will include Counsel’s fees, photocopying, travel and accommodation charges and Court fees.

Contingency Fee Agreements

We are permitted to enter into contingency fee agreements (where the Firm can take a slice of any winnings, as is commonplace in the United States) in proceedings outside of England & Wales or where a dispute is resolved prior to the commencement of proceedings in England & Wales.

Contingency fee agreements became lawful in England & Wales from 1 April 2013. Griffin Law has adapted its existing model of discounted hourly rate conditional fee agreements so as to guarantee to provide a hybrid of discounted hourly rates and damages based agreements on a sliding scale so that the percentage that we will be entitled to be paid of any damages awarded will change with reference to the risks/merits of a claim and the discounted hourly rate charged as a case progresses.

Mandatory Costs Information

As required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, in respect of (a) the provision of advice and representation to employers or employees in relation to the defending or bringing of claims before the Employment Tribunal for unfair or wrongful dismissal and (b) in relation to businesses, debt recovery up to the value of £100,000, we confirm that our standard hourly rates are as follows –

  • Directors, Consultants & specified Senior Associates: £400 per hour
  • Specified Senior Associates, Associates and legal executives with over 4 years’ equivalent experience: £350 per hour
  • Associates, Assistants, legal executives and fee-earners with up to 4 years’ equivalent experience: £250 per hour
  • Trainee Solicitors, Paralegals & Support Staff: £200 per hour

These standard hourly rates exclude VAT (where applicable) and any disbursements such as court or barristers’ fees.

Where possible, whether in relation to the foregoing types of work or otherwise, we will endeavour, where we are able to reach agreement with you, to look to agree a discounted, capped or fixed fee in relation to your matter.

The terms of our retainer with you are governed by the individualised engagement letter sent to you upon our being instructed by you.  We cannot give a range or estimate for your matter because every client’s case is different.

The SRA requires us to outline the average cost or range of costs associated with the instruction of our firm (including disbursements and VAT). In our experience, the average cost equates to 20% to 40% of the sum being claimed, exclusive of applicable VAT at 20%, disbursements and court fees. Disbursements vary depending on the experience of any barrister instructed and, in terms of court or Tribunal fees, the size of any claim. These will be discussed with you on a case-by-case basis.

In terms of what services are included in the hourly rates displayed above, the key stages of your matter and likely timescales for each stage, this again depends on the nature of each claim. No two cases are alike.

Finally, if you instruct us pursuant to a conditional fee or damages based agreement, we will discuss with you the circumstances in which you may have to make any payment yourselves for our services (including from any damages). We do not work on a “one size fits all” model. We are commercially-minded solicitors who look to agree a retainer that works for you and for us.

The experience and qualifications of those who will carry out the foregoing work, and their supervisors, can be seen here.

Our Approach

Niche: all we do is litigation and dispute resolution. We act for individuals, families, businesses and other law firms across a wide range of areas of law with claims ranging from the low thousands to tens of millions of pounds.

Innovative: too many lawyers fail to think outside of the box. Not us. We pride ourselves on being truly innovative in the way that we approach your litigation, bringing claims that you may not have thought of and deploying tactics that you may not have considered.

Proactive: unlike most lawyers, we do not sit back and wait for something to happen. We do not wait for you to contact us for an update. We regularly update and involve you in resolving your dispute as cost-effectively and promptly as possible.

Tenacious: we are the kind of lawyers that you want on your side, not against you. We are aggressive when we need to be, fighting hard to achieve the best result possible for you at all times.

Commercially-Minded: at the outset we identify what you want when it comes to resolving a dispute, making sure we remember those goals at all times. We speak plain English and avoid becoming embroiled in unnecessary of self-indulgent legal arguments of little relevance to resolving your dispute.

Strategic: we devise and agree with you a plan to achieve your objectives, adding refinements as the matter proceeds, without deviating from the goal. A unique Dispute Strategy Memorandum underpins the strategy that we will adopt in resolving your dispute.

Professional: we are proud to be professional in everything we do. We are authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and aspire to the highest standards of ethics. We are insured in the unlikely event that we make a mistake for which we are rightly held to blame.

Bespoke: we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to litigation. Every client’s case is different. We work alongside clients to ensure that they are happy with the strategy, tactics and costs budget. We are always willing to shape our approach to suit our clients’ needs.

Teamwork: we work closely with our clients, involving them every step of the way. That teamwork builds trust, with many clients staying with us (and referring new business to us) for years to come. It also means cases are run cost-effectively and with a minimum of fuss. Throughout, every client can call on a team of skilled professionals led by a senior lawyer with many years of experience. You are never fobbed off to an administrator or a clerk.

Empathetic: we know that litigation can be worrisome and time-consuming. While we are familiar with the court process, we appreciate our clients may not be. We work to put our clients at ease throughout, making it clear that we are on their side doing our utmost to win their case for them.

“Griffin Law are engaged by us to tackle all legal issues we get involved in. Donal, the Principal, has a sharp mind and excellent work ethic. His help means we can react quickly and proactively to anything thrown in our way, allowing us to focus on what we do best. We would firmly recommend the services of Griffin Law.”

Matthew Griffiths, Hydra