reputation, defamationPhone hacking and ever greater surveillance from the government are two occasions when your calls might be listened to without your knowledge, but mercifully they are very rare.

The summer, however, seems to encourage otherwise sensible people to act carelessly when it comes to making private calls of a personal or business nature within ready earshot of complete strangers.

This morning, while sat in my office, I overheard conversations through my window between another business’ employees who were outside enjoying a mid-morning cigarette. During that chat they shared sensitive information relating to the affairs of their clients and their business’ own financial position – information that ought never to be shared outside of their workplace.

Then, on a train, the same occurred. A self-important businessman decided to share with the rest of us his thoughts on a particular customer and the approach that his business (whose name he also revealed) would be taking to ensure that his business took what I considered to be an undue advantage of his customer.

  • If you are a business owner, how secure are your employees really keeping information that ought to be kept confidential?
  • Are you doing everything you sensibly can to prevent eavesdropping?
  • What more could you do?

Your business reputation could be destroyed in minutes or a shocked client or customer could look elsewhere if they discovered how cavalier you are with their confidential affairs. We can work with you to protect your business’ and clients’ sensitive information. Hoping nothing untoward ever happens is not a strategy. Proactive risk management is imperative.

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Article by Donal Blaney, Director & Principal, Griffin Law