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After the Event Insurance

After the Event Insurance (ATE Insurance) together with Before the Event Insurance (BTE Insurance) form a holistic cover package commonly referred to as Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI).
These policies protect you from the financial risks directly associated with pursuing a legal case. Without them, you could be liable to pay for expenses (disbursements) such as barrister and court fees and the legal costs of your opponent.

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ATE Insurance is a legal expenses policy that can be purchased on your behalf when you are in a dispute, to cover the costs of litigation. It protects against the risk of being ordered to pay your opponent’s costs.
In the absence of BTE Insurance, or in the case of an inadequate BTE Insurance policy, ATE Insurance provides the protection required to ensure that your opponent’s legal fees and all disbursements accrued during the dispute are covered.
This type of policy is usually run in tandem with a conditional fee agreement (CFA). The premium for the insurance plan is either paid on winning the case (deferred) or is payable up front. It depends on the strengths of your case.
Litigation funding may also be an appropriate option here – however this line of funding is dependent on the satisfaction of particular criteria relating to the amount of money in dispute, the prospects of recovery from your opponent and the strengths of your case.

There is no legal requirement to have legal expenses insurance to pursue a claim, however, at Griffin Law, we have our clients’ best interests at heart. We do not wish for you to be exposed to unnecessary financial risks and undue stress. We will work with you to give you the greatest peace of mind while fighting for what is right.

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