The Daily Mail reports that a cleaning lady in Greece has been jailed for 10 years for claiming on her CV she spent 6 years at elementary school (when, in fact, she had only spent 5 years there). After forging her school certificate, the 53-year-old woman was charged with defrauding the public. It might be easy to think that this is merely an over-reaction by the Greek authorities and that nothing like this could ever happen in England. Think again. As reported in July 2014 by The Daily Telegraph, there is a growing number of prosecutions and jail sentences given to those caught lying on their CVs in England too. Prosecutions increased from 205 people in 2012 to 324 in 2013 alone. The maximum sentence for this crime is 10 years’ imprisonment and you risk being reported to CIFAS, a central database of fraudsters used by banks, insurers and employers to protect against future frauds. If, as an employer, you suspect or even learn that an employee has lied to get a job, please contact Griffin Law so we can help you get rid of that employee as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. And if you are a dishonest employee? It would probably be best to move on to a new job before you are caught out and risk jail – and this time, tell the truth on your CV!
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