privacy, data protection
In 2009 Griffin Law obtained the world’s first ever injunction that was allowed to be served via Twitter (known as a Blaney order). This has been used since by politicians, celebrities, sportsmen and businesses who are harassed online. It has also been used by workers who are subject to workplace bullying and by parents whose children are the victims of cyber bulling.

This month Griffin Law has again broken new ground in the field of internet harassment.

In the case of AMP v Persons Unknown, Griffin Law obtained a super-injunction that criminalises the further harassment of a young girl who had private pictures from her stolen mobile phone uploaded to the internet. Those who take part in such illegal file sharing through torrent sites or otherwise can be identified and are subject to immediate arrest: a decision that has potentially wide implications for illegal file sharers worldwide.

The judgment has been reported in The Daily Mail, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph, as well as being discussed online.

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