The Griffin Law Charitable Foundation was created by our founder to support national and international charities that fit with the Foundation’s ethos and pre-established requirements. Each month, the trustees of the Foundation meet to discuss how to dispense up to £1,000 to good works that may benefit from our funding.

Snodland Cricket Club

Snodland Cricket Club requires storage space to safely store its equipment. The Council has refused to allow the club to utilise any of the other space within the building it shares with a café but has agreed, (if the club can source and purchase one), to the use of a container for the storage purpose. The containers are around £2,000.

The Griffin Law Charitable Foundation donation – £500



Domi recently and sadly said goodbye to her dog, Rosie. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive sarcoma in November and its progression was rapid.

Since getting Rosie, Domi has supported several dog charities (including Guide Dogs and Battersea); however, a lesser-known organisation she supports is Schnauzerfest, which is a registered charity dedicated to paying veterinary bills for rescues, adopters, and fosterers. Schnauzerfest helps mainly, but not exclusively schnauzers. As well as its work with rescues, it supports dogs if insurance cover is not available or does not cover the costs of treatment, which is often the case for conditions commonly impacting dogs from bad backgrounds such as neglect, puppy farming, and abuse.

The Griffin Law Charitable Foundation donation – £500

If you would like to nominate a charity for a Griffin Law Charitable Foundation donation, please download our due diligence form. The trustees will then review your submission at the next monthly meeting. Please send your nominations for funding to  for consideration by Wednesday, 13th March, 2024

The Griffin Law Foundation is a charity registered in England & Wales with charity number 1183766 with its principal office at 60 Churchill Square, West Malling, Kent ME19 4YU.

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