On 10 November 2016, Companies House wrote to customers to set out details of the new forms that Companies House intends to create for the Insolvency Rules (England & Wales) 2016 (SI 2016/1024) (IR 2016).

These details include the new form identifier, rule number and title and the old form identifier correlating to each new form that Companies House is producing. The communication also confirms that Companies House will be producing forms of attachments to such notices (for example, statements of affairs, statements of proposals and progress reports), but that those forms will not be prescriptive, save that they will be subject to the usual rules governing delivery to the Registrar.

From the list (which is stressed to be provisional as Companies House is only just starting to create the forms and develop its systems), it does not seem that Companies House is departing too far from the scope of the insolvency forms currently listed in the Registrar’s Rules 2009 (although various existing forms are being split into a number of separate forms). In other words, Companies House is not setting out generally to fill the gaps that the general abolition of insolvency forms effected by the IR 2016 will create.

Practical Law Restructuring and Insolvency is currently investigating the possibility of producing standard forms of non-Companies House notices and other documents, where these will otherwise no longer have a statutory form following the commencement of the IR 2016 on 6 April 2017. We will alert subscribers as soon as we can confirm our approach.

Source: Email from Companies House to customers, 10 November 2016. For the attachment to that email, see Binary content, Table of proposed Companies House forms for IR 2016.