“Nothing is inevitable in life except death and taxes”.

Nobody likes to contemplate his or her mortality. It is human nature to put to the back of one’s mind the fact that we will all one day die. And yet by failing to make due provision for our loved ones, we compound their grief.

Inheritance tax is one of the easiest taxes to avoid – and yet too many individuals with assets in excess of the inheritance tax threshold fail to plan properly to mitigate the effects of inheritance tax.

Likewise far too many people die intestate in England & Wales each year. Despite the prevalence of Will writing kits in bookshops, smart individuals well know that there is no substitute for engaging the services of a lawyer to draft a Will that gives effect to the true wishes of the deceased on his or her death.

It is a false economy to write your own Will, to rely on a bank’s free Will writing service or to use an unlicensed, unregulated and inadequately insured non-solicitor. You get what you pay for!

On death, the probate process too can be lengthy and convoluted if not handled professionally. Griffin Law is able to handle the process from start to finish, acting with due sympathy and consideration for the deceased family and friends.

Griffin Law offers a professional, fast and friendly service for those who need Wills written, as well as sympathetic, proactive and cost-effective service to executors, beneficiaries or the recently bereaved.

By making a Will you are ensuring that your family and others specified in your Will are provided for. If you do not make a Will your estate will be distributed under the rules of intestacy as dictated by the Government; this is very unlikely to reflect your intentions and will probably increase the tax burden on your estate.

To discuss your Will please contact justice@griffinlaw.co.uk