Litigation is at the heart of Griffin Law’s work for its clients. The firm’s team has handled cases at all levels of the judicial system, as well as in various other jurisdictions ranging from the Isle of Man to the British Virgin Islands.

When dealing with any dispute, the firm is anxious to ensure that a client – be it a claimant or defendant – comes through the dispute resolution process (be it litigation, arbitration, mediation or alternative dispute resolution) in one piece. Dispute resolution can be costly, stressful and time-consuming if not handled professionally and proactively.

With this in mind, Griffin Law has pioneered the production of Dispute Resolution Memoranda – detailed and fully costed case plans that can help litigants determine the most time and cost-efficient route, if any, to pursue.

In terms of funding disputes, Griffin Law is willing to countenance acting for clients not just on the standard, hourly rate basis but also on any of the following:

  • Discounted Hourly Rate – whereby instead of charging our full hourly rates we will act on a discounted rate (ordinarily between 25% and 50%), recovering an enhanced hourly rate from the other side if and when the case is successful;
  • Contingency Fee – we will act for you on the basis of a percentage of any sum recovered from the other side without recourse to court proceedings (ordinarily between 25% and 40%);
  • Conditional Fee – we will act for you under a “no win, no fee” agreement where, if successful, we recover a considerably enhancde hourly rate from the other side while acting for you for nothing (although you are, as ever, compelled to pay any court fees and disbursements as a case progresses);
  • Third Party Funding – we will work with you to seek funding from third parties who will meet all or most of your legal expenses as your case progresses in return for a percentage of any sum recovered;
  • Legal Expenses Insurance – provided your insurers consent and the terms of your insurance are acceptable, we will act for you with our fees being paid by your insurers.

In addition to these forms of litigation funding, we will also help you obtain after-the-event insurance, if appropriate, so that you are protected against the risk of being ordered to pay your opponent’s costs.

Whatever the dispute, and whatever the forum, Griffin Law is the firm you want on your side.

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