The 2020 pandemic has proved brutal for many companies stretched to the limit by an unreliable or non-existent cashflow made worse by bad debts.

As we all know “Cash is King”and bad debts destroy businesses. The chances are, your company has seen an increase in outstanding debts and right now you’re trying to work out what’s the best way to proceed. All too often, businesses like yours respond by shrugging their shoulders, writing the debt off and letting those who owe money go unchallenged – all because of concerns over the cost and hassle of making a legal claim to pursue a debt they are rightfully owed.

Let us help you. You shouldn’t give up because you don’t want to “throw good money after bad.” Let Griffin Law analyse your bad debts. We’ll perform a Bad Debt Audit and help you establish whether you or your business has a good claim against a debtor you have written off. At no risk nor cost to you, we will examine your debts to ascertain whether there is a good chance of a financial or legal remedy.

Would you like the chance to recover money you are owed at no risk nor cost to you?

Through our pioneering Griffin Law Bad Debt Audit, we will sit down with CEOs, CFOs or financial controllers of businesses to determine which debts can, in fact, be pursued cost-effectively and at potentially no cost/no risk to businesses owed money.

Use our FREE Bad Debt Audit to help you to recover money that has been written off.

If you are an individual or business requiring assistance with bad debts, Griffin Law can help. Contact Griffin Law at or call 01732 525923 to set up your FREE Bad Debt Audit.

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