Trainee Solicitor, Jacob, comments on the start of his legal career and the training at Griffin Law.

“When first considering a career in law, I originally aspired to be a barrister, desiring to develop my advocacy skills and practice in court. However, after engaging with qualified barristers and solicitors, I developed a real interest in forming close professional relationships with clients and advising on necessary courses of legal action.

Before joining Griffin Law, I completed an undergraduate degree in Law at the University of Kent, where I completed a module in Alternative Dispute Resolution which led to my initial interest in contentious matters of law. I went on to achieve a distinction in my Legal Practice Course at the University of Law, and the appeal of the dispute resolution practice area increased after completing modules in both civil and commercial dispute resolution.

As a niche dispute resolution practice, Griffin Law was an excellent choice for me to begin my career. The high-profile work guaranteed I was to gain excellent experience. I joined the firm as a paralegal in August 2021, and graciously accepted the firm’s offer of a training contract earlier this year.

Despite being the youngest member at the firm, the senior fee earners have ensured I experience a wide variety of cases typically encountered in the dispute resolution practice area. Within my first year, I have moved from shadowing my experienced colleagues to taking on a proactive role at the firm. I have been encouraged to advise and voice my opinion in meetings with clients and/or counsel and have had the opportunity to engage with forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, all while applying my legal training to contribute to settling cases or advancing the best commercial objectives for the client.

I have successfully worked on – and resolved – disputes concerning the professional negligence of professional advisors and numerous debt-recovery claims. I am currently engaged on disputes in the Commercial Court.

Griffin Law’s small intake of trainees and close-knit team makes it necessary to trust your own initiative and take an active role in advancing cases. It is expected one will be proactive rather than simply doing what is asked of you. The practical experience I am developing has allowed me to gain the trust of not only the senior fee earners at the firm, but also the clients. I am keen to prove that whilst I am not yet qualified and still in the early stages of my career, I am an asset to the firm and an uncompromising legal representative whom our clients choose to fight their disputes. One whose experience will only develop further.

Griffin Law’s investment in my career has ensured I am on track to become a tenacious, well-rounded solicitor.

NOTE: Jacob will qualify in October 2023. He hopes to continue developing his own expertise while passing on his experience to the next generation of trainees employed by the firm.