WorkerWith the growth in use of smart phones and 4G it may have been anticipated that use of work internet services would be significantly reducing; however, again recently inappropriate internet usage at work has made it to the headlines and so sparks this issue afresh.

Although personal interpretation of acceptable internet usage may vary from person to person, employees in many instances appear to still be failing to even abide by the terms of their employer’s policies on personal internet and social media usage.

There will always be extremes from employers banning and blocking all such usage to employees viewing online pornography, but for the majority the issue comes with “some” or “reasonable usage” of internet or social media.

Employees are warned that in such circumstances that the reasonable use is defined by the employer and not what the employee thinks is fair. To avoid any such issues it would be prudent to air on the side of caution and employees should therefore avoid viewing or writing anything they would not be willing for their Manager and Head of Human Resources to see.