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Defamation & Privacy

Libel, slander and malicious falsehood – once seen as the concern of the mighty are increasingly causes for concern for more and more people. In today’s new media age, where the lines between fact and opinion blur, the reputations of individuals, businesses and organisations matter more than ever before. Competitors, business rivals, disgruntled employees, spurned lovers and anonymous web users all too often resort to making defamatory statements that damage reputations.

Despite the relative ease of securing redress through the courts (and in particular by using the Defamation Act 1996), too many victims will suffer in silence. Griffin Law can help, thanks to the firm’s expertise in representing victims of defamation as well as those accused of making defamatory statements.  While litigation is, of course, rarely a cheap option, Griffin Law has experience acting for litigants to identify a strategy for a quick settlement where it is possible.

We aim to offer all clients contingency fee agreements and conditional fee agreements which discount our normal hourly rates which clearly defines and caps the maximum that our services will cost you.  At all times our goal is the same as yours: safeguarding your reputation as cost-effectively and proactively as possible.

We are pleased to offer a no obligation fixed fee interview for £150.00 plus VAT (£180.00), lasting up to 30 minutes, in order to listen to your problems, analyse your case and give you some initial advice. At this interview you will be advised of our fees and fee options encompassing discounted hourly rates, contingency fees, conditional fees, third party funding, legal expenses insurance and after-the-event insurance. We do not offer legal aid. Please note that we are unable to give legal advice for free, nor do we give advice over the telephone or by email until you are an established client.

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