Judicial Review

Judicial review, often referred to as public law or administrative law, is a specialist area of practice requiring more than mere knowledge of the law.

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Judicial Review.

Given the constitutional implications of each and every judicial review decision, a sound working knowledge of the fusion between constitutional politics and the law is essential – a working knowledge that Griffin Law has.

Decisions taken by a wide range of public bodies are susceptible to judicial review ranging from governmental departments, local councils, schools, hospitals, universities and the many QUANGOs that permeate the landscape.

Time is, however, always of the essence if judicial review is to be contemplated.

If you believe that a public body has acted illegally, irrationally or has committed a procedural impropriety of some kind, Griffin Law can advise you on the merits of pursuing judicial review. Though not an inexpensive process, judicial review can deliver a lifeline to businesses and private individuals when it may seem that all hope is lost.

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