Too many businesses lack effective internal controls

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Dealing with fraud and asset recovery.

Recent years saw an increase in fraudulent activity as credit became too easily available and companies became complacent.

Too many businesses lack effective internal controls. As a result fraudsters prospered and now those businesses have discovered, to their cost, that they need to recover money, documents and other property stolen from them.

Corporate espionage and breaches of commercial confidence have become commonplace in the age of USB sticks and the internet.

Why CFraud and Asset Recoveryhoose Griffin Law?

Griffin Law has experience in unmasking the identity of fraudsters, locating stolen assets (including overseas) and securing recovery of funds. We can freeze assets, search and seize documents and work closely with the police and other regulatory bodies.

We also work closely with your existing legal and PR advisers to ensure that your reputation is as well protected as is possible.

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