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Griffin Law can help to protect your business

When thinking about whether to call on us for help, ask yourself these questions:

  • People are your biggest asset and your greatest vulnerability. Do they have the right training and culture?
  • Do you know what your key data is? Who has it? And who wants it?
  • Complete security is not possible. Would you know what to do if you were compromised? Are you prepared?

Griffin Law can help to protect your business’ important data, in addition to advising on what to do in the event of a security breach.

Dealing with cyber security

Cyber threats are now amongst the biggest threats to the survival of your business

Almost all data security or cyber-attacks on your business involve co-operation, (deliberate or innocent), by employees of the business under attack, and/or failure to follow basic security procedures.

Griffin Law not only specializes in managing the situation where your sensitive data has been stolen and misused by employees or those in your supply chain, but also aims to educate businesses to re-think the very nature of cyber security, ensuring that your staff are educated and informed, creating a strong line of defense.

Technology will always be one of the key components to better information and security, but equal attention needs to be paid to culture, people and to processes within an organisation.

It appears likely that insurers will look closely at refusing claims, or will ramp up the premiums for businesses that are not on top of the problems they face.

We are the lawyers you want on your side. Please contact or use the form on our Contact page to get in touch.


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