Have our banks learned nothing? Taxpayers have bailed out banks to the tune of £850bn.

Not content with curtailing lending to small business owners, restricting mortgage lending and continuing to pay out excessive bonuses, banks are now daring to challenge Financial Services Authority rules on PPI complaints through the courts.

In December, new rules come into force. The British Bankers Association believes that these rules are unfair and should be overturned by the High Court. This is despite the fact that there have been over a million complaints made to lenders about PPI, almost 50,000 complaints to the Financial Services Ombudsman and over 80% of those complaints have been upheld.

The banks are using taxpayers’ money to contest regulations that are designed to protect the very taxpayers who bailed them out. Griffin Law is proud to stand up for consumers whose rights have been infringed by the greed of bankers and their staff.

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