A recent decision in the Employment Appeals Tribunal could have repercussions across the industry as a whole.

The Tribunal determined that Nadine Quashie was not self employed but was, in fact, emplyed by Stringfellows. In a case on a similar vein as that of Autoclenz, the Employment Judge determined that the nature of her employment was one that despite her being able to determine the amount of “vouchers” she got paid by the amount of dances she gave, she was still controlled by the Stringfellows management and therefore she had a contract of employment.

Stringfellows are preparing to appeal the decision. The precedent, if it were to remain, could potentially cost Stringfellows and other clubs such as Spearmint Rhino, Browns and the Windmill as they begin to implement employee status. The sooner a club implements such things could determine whether the big clubs retain the services of the sought after performers or whether they look to move to other less regulated parts of the adult entertainment sector.

Owners of such clubs should therefore act now to properly consolidate how they employ their staff.