We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to litigation. In addition to the use of our bespoke Dispute Strategy Memoranda, we continue to explore creative avenues for the progress of a claim alongside more traditional approaches. This may, for example, include the commencement of proceedings or the filing of applications that may, at first, appear to be a distraction but which often are, in fact, capable of securing a speedier resolution of the substantive dispute between our clients and opponents than might otherwise be the case.

We are also proud to be particularly commercially-minded. As well as sharing the risk of litigation with every client (and thus having a vested interest in the result such that we will work even harder to secure a win for its clients because we have “skin in the game”), we remain wholly focused at all times on your commercial goals. We do not allow ourselves to be distracted by legal minutiae. Our objectives are the same as yours: the prompt, cost-effective and commercially advantageous resolution of the dispute in hand.

We are also proactive. It is accepted that, compared to most other solicitors, this is not a difficult distinction: too many members of the legal profession are too reactive and fail to progress their clients’ affairs promptly. We are different. Our internal case management structures, coupled with our own commercial interests in making sure cases progress to a satisfactory resolution, mean that clients’ cases are proactively managed and progressed.

We are also renowned for our tenacity. The best advertisement of this is the way that many opponents, after they have lost a claim, become our clients. This does not mean that we are aggressive for the sake of it but we balance a fearless zeal for protecting and advancing our clients’ interests with a sensible restraint within the circumstances of a particular case. We do not, however, shy away from being the kind of law firm that any client would prefer to have representing them than being on the other side.

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