“With such a specialist area that I was looking at, I needed a professional that knew, understood and could act on the law. I am more than happy with Griffin Law. The team worked diligently throughout the case, considering both the pros and the difficulties that could arise, they were fully prepared for each potential situation.
The clarity of the advice was second to none and I was kept fully informed of every aspect of the case, every step of the way.
I would fully recommend Griffin Law.”

GF, aol.com


“Thanks for the excellent assistance. Great to have you on the team”

AH, London PR agency


“Many thanks Donal! A lot easier than anticipated and your advice was totally sound”

Melanie H, London


Rico is highly professional and approachable solicitor. I have found him to be someone I can trust and to put me at ease with complicated matters. He is very attentive and caring and makes me feel like a person, not just ‘another’ client. I highly recommend him if you are looking for first class assistance and to be looked after by someone who genuinely cares about you and your business.

Peter Langdown, Emagine Create


“Being faced with not only stressful, but extremely daunting legal issues, Griffin Law came to the fore. As true professionals, they were not only aggressive litigators, but were sympathetic and on hand 24/7, delivering the required results.  Highly recommended!” 

Cool Space ACR Limited, Kent


“Excellent service – Excellent results: big law from a small firm.”

SGB Holdings Limited


“The Griffin Law legal team put me at ease instantly. They are cool, calm and fiercely professional. I was kept up to date at every step of my year long case, and their legal worked succeeded where the police had failed. Griffin Law is both a safety net, and an attack dog.”

CJM, London SW7


“We started using Griffin Law at the end of 2010 and have steadily increased the work we have placed with them. I have found the Firm’s pricing to represent good value and have been impressed with their lawyers’ willingness to approach our business problems with our commercial goals in mind”

William Bracken, Adfero Limited


“In my dealings with Griffin Law I really felt comfortable. These were lawyers who “had my back”, who always kept an eye out for pitfalls and opportunities. They were aggressive without being unnecessarily so. They were cost-effective without being cheap and they always remembered what my goals were in seeking to resolve my dispute. They were a pleasure to work with”.

Tom Meyer, Sussex


“It is such a short time that I have had opportunity to meet with you and I have no hesitation in saying that I am your client for life time now. Thank you so much for your hard work and professionalism. I am truly proud that you are my solicitor”.

Kamran Afzal, London N1


“When I was being mistreated by a major organisation I turned to Griffin Law. They were swift in their actions, realistic in their advice and open about the costs. They saw me through by being extremely sensitive to me and equally aggressive to the other side. I cannot recommend them highly enough”.

AJPW, Manchester


“Thank you for your help. It was very good of you to see me at such short notice. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact you again in similar circumstances”.

VSC, Sussex


“It was a pleasure to deal with such a proactive law firm for a change. I had total faith that my case would be dealt with successfully”.

Dr Tamsin Lewis, London


“Griffin Law are cost-effective, proactive and commercially aware – just the ticket”.

Julian Ribet, Levison Meltzer Pigott, London EC4


“Griffin Law were aggressive and effective. Thank God they were on my side!”

Katherine, London


“I had never needed a lawyer before. Working with Griffin Law was painless. They won my case, and won handsomely!”

Sophie F, London